The Daily Skreeve: Blogtastic!

Oprah watches “Flavor Of Love.” And there are clips to prove it! [PopMuse]

• The Sartorialist features pics of dapper New Yorkers out on the streets. As random as it sounds, we love it. Scroll down to the Easter pics. So, so fantastic. [TheSartorialist]

• What your sleeping positions reveal about you and your lover. Don’t be freaked out if you don’t like to spoon all night; it doesn’t mean you’re not in a good relationship. It just means you hog the covers. [FemaleFirst]

• Illinois is creeping, creeping ever so slowly down the road towards rights for gay couples. Fast or slow, we’re thrilled they’re making the journey at all. [Rod 2.0]

• Definition of “The Love Bucket.” Gross. A.k.a, the Gayest Blog Post Ever. Also: today is Jason’s birthday, leave a comment and wish him a good one. [Jason’sRoom]

• So you can’t find an Amanda Lepore doll? Buy a Dyke Doll instead. There must be a lesbian somewhere who could use one as a gift, hmm? [HotHouse]