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The gays are ready for Halloween & their costumes are giving all the spandex & thirst you can handle

Shirtless man in devil horns, Halloween costume

Halloween may just be the gayest holiday of them all, but some users of the app formerly known as Twitter aren’t getting their hopes up about the costumes the gays serve.

“Gays’ ideas of Halloween costumes are always so bad because they’re too specific,” @empanadadaddy23 tweeted last month. “No one will get the reference and they all execute it terribly. It’s always just some party city wig and a shirt. … ‘What do you mean you don’t know who I am? I’m clearly girl wearing a skirt as a top from the Hilary Duff anti-bullying gay PSA.’”

In fact, now there’s a whole meme about über-specific gay Halloween costumes:

So how did the gay Halloween costumes this year turn out? Too niche? Too broad?

Scroll down and see for yourself. (We’re just happy to see some skin-tight or skin-baring get-ups.)

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