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Omar Ayuso flashes his hairy pits & strips to his underwear in sizzling new photo shoot

Omar Ayuso

As if Omar Ayuso’s return to Élite wasn’t already riling up his fanbase, now he’s baring nearly all in a sultry fashion-forward photo shoot.

The out 25-year-old returned to the blockbuster Netflix series for season 7 – which debuted last week – after previously exiting the young adult Spanish-language drama for one season.

And while his beloved gay character of Omar Sanaa has now found romance with new arrival Joel (played by fellow Spanish hunk Fernando Lindez), the drama continues as Joel is also hooking up with Iván (Brazilian hottie André Lamoglia). Élite being Élite and we love it!

While Ayuso may be getting hot and heavy on TV, in real life he’s also raising temperatures in various states of undress in a new set of photos for the fashion publication Behind the Blinds.

The actor shared a racy image from the shoot struggling with a pair of tight-whitey underwear while rocking a pair of Mason Margiela gloves and black Motogu boots. It’s quite the leggy lewk and he more than pulls it off. No pun intended.

Ayuso further teased the getup with the caption: “can’t get you out of my head – kylie minogue.”

Ayuso clocked a few avant-garde ensembles, including: a minidress by Romain Kremer that also gave a glimpse of his briefs, a Prada jacket that he wore in lieu of pants, and a pair of red booty shorts that attempted to distract from his shirtless torso and hirsute armpits.

The editorial was lensed by photographer Daniel Riera and styled by Jonathan Huguet.

We bet Naomi Campbell would approve of all of Ayuso’s supermodel poses!

While Ayuso is no stranger to showing off his physique on TV, in magazines, and in thirst traps, he is conflicted about his relationship with social media.

“I am deeply addicted to Instagram. And my struggle in recent months has been to spend as little time as possible on Instagram, to make as little use as possible, because the reality is… Instagram, it’s a weapon. And it is a weapon with which I hurt myself,” he recently said to GQ Espana.

“I spend many hours comparing myself to what I see, showing myself in a way that I really don’t want to show myself. If I stop to think about the way I show myself in the photos, this kind of overexposure of the body, this hypersexualization… it is not consistent with my values ​​or with how I want my life and my world to be.”

He added: “I am working hard to make my relationship with sex healthier. And generationally, whether you’re gay or not, I think Instagram also plays a role. Instagram is basically Grindr or Tinder.”

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