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Omar Ayuso talks Instagram thirst traps & “working hard to make my relationship with sex healthier”

I am deeply addicted to Instagram. And my struggle in recent months has been to spend as little time as possible on Instagram, to make as little use as possible, because the reality is… Instagram, it’s a weapon. And it is a weapon with which I hurt myself.

I spend many hours comparing myself to what I see, showing myself in a way that I really don’t want to show myself. If I stop to think about the way I show myself in the photos, this kind of overexposure of the body, this hypersexualization… it is not consistent with my values ​​or with how I want my life and my world to be…

I am working hard to make my relationship with sex healthier. And generationally, whether you’re gay or not, I think Instagram also plays a role. Instagram is basically Grindr or Tinder.

Omar Ayuso speaking to GQ España about his Instagram page and his penchant for posting thirst traps.
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