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The gays insist there’s no “internet craze” over Dominic Fike’s brother, but now he’s got our attention

ALX Fike sitting in a field wearing a long, white waffle shirt and black pants.

If a popular Twitter account says there’s an internet craze over a hot guy, and nobody is aware of the fervor, did it really happen?

That’s the question members of Gay Twitter™ asked themselves Wednesday, when every young millennial’s favorite news source, “@PopCrave,” hyped a Calvin Klein ad featuring Euphoria star Dominic Fike’s brother.

“The internet is going crazy over ALX Fike, Dominic Fike’s brother, after his recreation of a Calvin Klein ad for his new single, ‘Famous,'” posted Pop Crave.

The bold declaration elicited a universal reaction from gays everywhere: huh?

Dominic Fike, the popular indie artist and Euphoria co-star, is a pretty big name at this point (3 million Instagram followers). But the same can’t be said for his younger brother, ALX — at least not yet.

ALX released his first song, “Misses FL,” in April 2020. The single has a fun, feel-good vibe, and cute video to boot.

A self-described “horny” pop artist (the word is tattooed on his bicep), ALX released his first album the following year. In an interview around that time, Dominic pumped up his lil’ bro’s talent … and horniness.

“For you, extremely horny. He has ‘horny’ tattooed on his arm,” said Dominic. “You are a shredder. You’re a great vocalist, with the runs, all the stuff I can’t do. Melodically-inclined as well. Knowing where hooks and melodies are supposed to be. Great songwriter.”

Aww! There’s nothing like brotherly love, right?

Well, except maybe a paid post on “Pop Crave,” but that’s besides the point!

Now, it’s worth mentioning the ad itself is actually pretty clever! In it, ALX oversteps his bounds while posing in his underwear during a Calvin Klein shoot, and receives an earful from the annoyed director.

“I thought it would be cool if I just put a little…” says ALX while puffing on a vape.

“No… just one line,” says the director.

The self-deprecating video is for ALX’s new single, the ironically titled “Famous.”

See? Even ALX is spoofing his relative lack of notoriety.

We expect better from “Pop Crave,” which famously called the presidential election for Joe Biden one day before most major news sources. In recent years, the account’s reach has expanded far beyond music stans.

“Pop Crave” currently boasts 1.6 million followers.

And yet, apparently none of them were “going crazy” over ALX Fike’s Calvin Klein ad.

What are the odds?

(We are going crazy over his Instagram, however. This artsy dad is a real cutie…)

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