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The One Where We Finally Meet Mike’s Boyfriend Tanner. And It All Goes to Shit

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There’s only one episode of The Real World DC left, but this week’s was the most adorbs. And sad. Mike Manning’s boyfriend Tanner finally came to visit. And he’s cute! And they got HRC promise rings! Handed out HRC stickers together! And held hands! And made out! And then — SPOILER ALERT — Tanner went home, told his parents about Mike, and might have gotten disowned and kicked out of his house. Sad.

Mike’s storyline on the show is no longer about his bisexuality or his sex life, thank goodness.

The downside: His storyline is now about how some parents (Tanner’s) remain ridiculously attached to the belief that gays are less than. Even their own kids. It’s sad, but it’s real, and it’s worth showing on television — just as it was great to see Mike’s own mom on the show, as the complete opposite of Tanner’s parents.

Yes, we’re a bit late to this episode! But we’ve edited together all of Mike and Tanner’s segments. Below, from the show’s online-only segments, Mike discusses Tanner’s situation in greater detail. And how his father is, ugh, the worst.

Now that we’re in the present, and not on tape delay, however, Mike tweets: “Me n Tanner are just friends (4 now).”