Where Did The Magic Go?

The Opening Weekend Audience For Magic Mike XXL Was A Staggering 96% Women… So Where Did The Gays Go?

5b4ch5CrW0s-Qy9BBASrBhhDo-hKtAB1bhsv7IbvfrCYxACqwiXTT8JsQDPj9RM6dt6oNHOxgmDQ_bZqy1oVfovnuZbSxONl6xPb-QRphdi7avZWC4FNbZ-m3s2Ulx-A1vfGs0-d-e1-ft-1_1-360x268So yeah. After allllll that, the jiggling minions who spent their hard earned George Ws (the film had earned a paltry $12 million by Monday) on Magic Mike XXL this 4th of July weekend were almost entirely women. Not that that news is the shock of the century… but ninety-six percent is really quite mighty high, particularly when you consider how intently Tatum & Co. were pandering to gay audiences (particularly during the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade.

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So, it begs the question: Where were all the gay men? Rehoboth Beach? Fire Island? (At least at those vacation spots, you can spend hours ogling real-life muscle men in Speedos, and even meet/hook up with one.)

Perhaps we never quite forgave the original Magic Mike for being so low on male nudity, and so high on after-school-special angst. (GHB?) After all, the hottest scenes from the first film inexplicably wound up on the cutting room floor. (That link, incidentally, is rather NSFW.)

Perhaps the stars of Magic Mike XXL were simply so overexposed during their promotional blitz, gay men simply lost interest in seeing them, like, exposed-exposed?

We’re genuinely curious: why didn’t you see Magic Mike XXL? What were you doing instead? (Full disclosure: We haven’t seen it, either.)

h/t: The Wrap