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The Perfect Time to Come Out in the Office: During the Job Interview


Making sure your potential employer knows your a big ‘mo could be crucial to your career, especially when it comes to not having one. Did you know some folks advise coming out during the job interview? Lest any middle-level human resources manager think you’re a breeder, it’s wise to correct them right away. Maybe even put it on your resume. In bold!

Okay, the advice doesn’t suggest you make a “wise Latina” comment and argue you’re more qualified for the job because you’re gay, but there’s nothing wrong with slipping in your same-sex-loving status on your way out the door, argues Lesbilicious. Why? Because it shows you’re “brave,” “honest,” and willing to test anti-discrimination laws! (Worth noting: The advice comes from a website in Britain, not the ENDA-less America.)

Sharing your gayness also invokes Gay Privilege. Companies, we hear, want to increase diversity in the workplace, so if HR knows you’re a ‘mo, they can use you to fill the quota. Affirmative action like wha’?

And then there are the residual benefits. If you do get the job as an out ‘mo, then you’re walking into an office that knows which way you swing, and this will, supposedly, “weed out the homophobes.” Also: Fewer gay jokes at your expense.

Just don’t expect all the office camaraderie associated with Good Ole Boys clubs, even if the wife of your (straight male) boss just adores you.

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