The Ricky Gervais School of Comedy: No to Gay Jokes, Yes to Fat Jokes

It’s not okay to make fun of gay people, because they were born that way, but it is okay to make fun of fat people, because by continuing to overeat, they choose to stay that way.

Responding to criticism over his audio book The Ricky Gervais Guide To Medicine, where the comedian called people who get liposuction and gastric band operations “lazy fucking fat pigs,” Gervais blogs his defense:

I heard someone on the radio once say that they were tired of the prejudice aimed at the overweight. They said something like “you’re not allowed to make fun of gay people, so why are you allowed to make fun of fat people? It’s the same thing.”

It’s not the same thing though, is it? Gay people are born that way. They didn’t work at becoming gay. Fat people became fat because they would rather be that way than stop eating so much. They had to eat and eat to get fat. Then, when they were fat they had to keep up the eating to stay fat. For gayness to be the same as fatness, gay people would have to start off straight but then ween themselves onto cock. Soon they’re noshing all day getting gayer and gayer. They’ve had more than enough cock… they’re full… they’re just sucking for the sake of it. Now they’re overgay, and frowned upon by people who can have the occasional cock but not over indulge.

When a doctor tells me that that’s how you become gay, I’ll stop making jokes about fat people.