The Role Of A Lifetime


Earlier this week Andy Towle discovered Newsweek’s story on Heidi Fleiss’ Stud Farm and reported that the first hustler signed was Lester James Brandt, an actor who “never got the big break.”

Looking more carefully at Lester’s website, one can see just what he means. After appearing for one season on Another World, Lester drove his Harley to Hollywood. “Three days in LA he booked a role on The Nanny opposite Fran Drescher. He has not stopped working since.” Oh, we know Lester.

And work he did. There were the varied appearances on shows as diverse as Dharma & Greg, Just Shoot Me, and Walker Texas Ranger. Your former cast mates read like a who’s who of the C-List: Mark Hamill, Gerald McRaney, even Pam Anderson. And in your official bio you declare “Thank you, God.”

Thanks for what, Lester? The amazing career? The heart-wrenching performances? The magazine covers?

Or is it the fact that you finally found your calling? A glorified hooker playing the role of your life. Hallelujah!