The Terrifyingly Smart Campaign to Brand Kalazmazoo’s Trans Rights as Discrimination

Brilliant. And disgusting. That’s the only way to describe the latest, last-minute ad from the group Kalamazoo Citizens Voting NO to Special Rights Discrimination.

Positioning a “no” vote on Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Ordinance 1856 — known as “the bathroom bill,” which would grant protections to gay, bi, and transgender residents — as a vote against discrimination, the transphobic camp behind is sneakily trying to reframe the debate about “privacy.”

Ordinance 1836 — which gives voters a chance to affirm or reverse the City Commission’s unanimous vote to ban LGBT discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations — will be voted on tomorrow. While Maine and Washington battle for partnership protections, this city of 75,000 will decide whether sexual orientation and gender identity are classes worth protecting.

And to those who don’t want it, it’s back to the same scare tactics: keep scary men out of pristine women’s bathrooms. It’s a policy that, in fact, we support, if only because we know our biologically male sisters often have some of the best tits in town. (C’mon folks, that’s sarcasm.)