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The UK’s Amazingly Progressive New Rules For Trans Inmates: Make-Up + Bras For The Ladies

While Italy’s prison for transgender inmates sounds the poshest (there’s an olive grove, greenhouses, a farm and a vineyard!), at least Germany just granted its trans prisoners the right to wear women’s or men’s clothes. It’s up to them. Now add the United Kingdom to the list of countries making incarceration a little more bearable for the Ts: New mandatory guidelines going into effect next month lets them choose “”gender appropriate” clothing from a home shopping catalog, request to be called “Miss” or “Ms.,” as well as bras and make-up for MTFs. (“Make-up that is vital to presenting in the acquired gender, such as foundation to cover up beard growth, may not be restricted,” read the guidelines.) And of course, if an inmate gets her “gender recognition certificate” paperwork in order, she can live among female inmates.