No You Don't

13 Villains Of Marriage Equality

Rick Santorum

The Republican party offers an embarrassment of riches, but no one is more embarrassing than Rick  Santorum. Santorum has long been a proponent of unbridled homophobia, and no where is that more true that his comments about marriage equality. When it comes to offensive ways to describe marriage equality, no one can beat Santorum. 

There was the time he compared marriage equality to a paper towel or the time he compared it to “man-on-dog” bestiality or the time he compared it to polygamy.  Santorum would largely be a footnote if he hadn’t managed to hang on in the GOP presidential primaries last year all out of proportion to his chances of winning. By doing so, he had a forum for his crackpot analogies and made sure that marriage equality remained a hot button issue for the party.

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