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13 Villains Of Marriage Equality

It’s been a long journey toward marriage equality, and some folks made it a point to make the journey even longer. Thanks to their enmity, viciousness or just plain crassness, these enemies of equality delayed the day when we could finally say, “I do.” Queerty has chosen some of the worse offenders (read about its heroes also) to remind us just who the villains were in this fight. Please make your own nominations in the comments section below.

Tony Perkins

As president of the Family Research Council, Perkins has had his fingers in many an anti-gay pie, but marriage equality holds a special place for him. Not one to minimize the potential for change, Perkins predicts that marriage equality will spark a “revolution” that will “just break this nation apart.” When not forecasting civil war, Perkins is trying to stiffen the spine of Republicans by calling on conservatives to withhold donations to the party until it stops being so squishy on marriage equality. (This may be a version of the GOP that only Perkins can see.) Even as the tide for equality comes in, Perkins will be standing there demanding that it stop long after everyone else will have given up.