There’s lots of backstage drama surrounding this new queer series about a closeted married man

HisStoryy is an upcoming queer web series produced by the Indian production company ZEE5. It hasn’t even premiered yet and it’s already drawing controversy.

The soap opera tells the story of Kunal, a man who seems to have an ideal life, complete with a great job, loving wife, and two wonderful sons. But he also has a secret: he’s keeping a male partner on the side. When the relationship is exposed, Kunal’s seemingly perfect life crumbles.

Now, filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria says the show’s poster has been “ripped off and stolen” from his 2015 directorial debut feature film LOEV, a gay romance that was screened at a number of major film festivals, including SXSW and Frameline. It’s currently available on Netflix.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Saria writes: “Why do people do this? A reputed studio like @altbalaji and @zee5 with all the money and resources in the world embarrassing incredible artists like @instasattu and @crimrinal to post artwork that is just plain ripped off and stolen.”

The post includes both posters for people to compare. We have to say, they are strikingly similar.

Saria says he’s “glad” to see a queer love story being told but he is “ashamed and angry” that his poster was hijacked in such a way.

Saria also posted about it on Twitter, where he received several messages of support…

ZEE5 has not responded to the accusations, but it has released a new poster for HisStoryy, which premieres on April 25, and it is continuing to promote the show on Instagram.

Check out the trailer below.