You Must See This

Everything You Need To Know For World AIDS Day In Images

We could bury you in facts and figures today, internationally recognized as World AIDS Day, but instead we highly recommend you check out Radiant Presence, a video slideshow. It comes courtesy of Visual AIDS, an organization that maintains the world’s largest online database of artwork from artists living with HIV.

Radiant Presence 4Today, Radiant Presence is being viewed throughout social media, displayed at World AIDS Day events, and projected onto skyscrapers throughout New York City.

This is definitely a time when the images you are about to see should speak for themselves. They are worth many thousands of words.

That said, your friends here at Queerty do have an important message for you: the single biggest action you can take to end the epidemic is to get tested. Knowledge is power, and an estimated one in five people with HIV do not know they are infected.

For those of you living with HIV, maintaining your treatment regimen can mean lowering your virus to undetectable levels — and we know that those with an undetectable viral load are not infecting their sex partners.

So, everyone has a role to play to end the HIV epidemic as we know it.

Here is Radiant Presence:


RADIANT PRESENCE from Visual AIDS on Vimeo.