Oh my

Thierry Mugler Transforms Himself Into A Monster

Though trained as a ballet dancer, retired French fashion designer Thierry Mugler‘s been spending his time off weight training. And with frightening results.

As Page Six reported last week, 59-year old Mugler’s transforming himself into a monstrous, malformed figure known as Manfred Mugler. Unlike Thierry Mugler, who defined 80’s style with wider-than-wide shoulders and over-the-top collars, Manfred Mugler’s a hulking figure more closely resembling beast than man. One friend comments on Mugler:

He’s been incommunicado since he closed his couture house. What he’s done to his body is totally scary. He started out as a classical ballet dancer. Now he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

Hearing this news, we can’t help but remember that Mugler (pictured with Jerry Hall) once used Jeff Stryker as a runway model.

World of Wonder picked up on the story and got a picture of the new-and-hardly improved Mugler. Always generous, they passed the horrific image on to us and we’re sharing it with you.

Careful, though, it ain’t safe for work. Or eyes…