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This queer Redditor found a colorful solution to their mom’s Pride flag ban

Can’t fly the pride flag at home? Then why not create a rainbow of hundred of other flags?

That’s what Reddit user u/Chernyat did, and the results have earned 54,000 upvotes and counting over the last two years.

“My mum allowed me to put any flag on my wardrobe doors except for the pride flag,” u/Chernyat wrote in a post on the r/lgbt subreddit. “So, 241 flags later…”

The collage of flags, seen in the pic here, features country flags—Norway, Greece, Colombia, etc.—city flags Des Moines and Baltimore, to name two—and other gender/sexuality pride flags.

“LOL, sneaky trans flag,” one commenter wrote. 

“Intersex, asexual and nonbinary flags also be stealthing,” u/Chernyat replied. “I’m pretty sure my mum won’t notice those other flags, though.”

Most after u/Chernyat shared that original post about the flag collage, they posted an update

“Finally moved out of my parents’ place and took the flag mural with me,” they wrote at the time. “Now 324 flags strong.”

u/Chernyat also used their platform—and their fame among vexillologists—to urge other Redditors to donate to the Campaign for Southern Equality, an organization striving for full LGBTQ equality in the southern United States.

“I truly do thank you all for your generous support and constructive comments on the flag mural,” they added. “It really means at lot. You all stay positive and lovely as usual.”

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