Three Steps You’re Out

In the Details September 2005 issue’s Know+Tell section we are given three easy ways to sleep on a plane without the aid of our beloved dolls, Ambien and Xanax. Below are their three ideas to help you slumber drug free while flying high, not “high.”

1. The Seat. Apparently, the back of the plane is the bumpiest. Details advises travelers to sit just behind the wings. Checking out SeatGuru is advised also. That site has seat specifications online for 25 different carriers.

2. The Gear. The (closeted) queens at Details then tell us to be wary of airplane pillows and blankets since they are not washed. Also, strongly encouraged are earplugs and eye masks.

3. The Diet. The last step to achieve drug-free rest while traveling is to monitor your diet. Diet Cokes and vodka sodas are strongly discouraged because caffeine and alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns.

While these steps seem to be wonderful pieces of advise we here at Queerty will have to rely on our reader’s experience when testing these ideas out. Email us and tell us if it works. We love our Grey Goose and Ambien a little too much to give up so easily.