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Tim Tebow Visits Former Teammate Hospitalized After Orlando Attack

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Beefy former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow paid a visit to a former high school teammate who was shot in the Orlando terrorist attack.

Rodney Sumter played high school football with Tebow, and was working as a bartender at Pulse nightclub during the attack, which left him with multiple injuries. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Sumter was a bartender at the Pulse. He was shot three times and has two broken arms, according to his Instagram account and the Florida Times-Union. Valencia nursing student Joshua McGill noticed Sumter bleeding from both arms outside the nightclub and helped treat his wounds until he reached the ORMC emergency room, according to an NBC News report

He was wounded and recovering at the Orlando Regional Medical Center during the surprise visit from Tebow. The two took different paths after high school:

After Tebow and Sumter competed together at Nease High, Tebow won two national titles and the Heisman Trophy while leading the Florida Gators. Sumter played at Jacksonville  University before eventually moving to Orlando to work as a dancer and bartender.

Sumter wrote on Instagram:

“My high school quarterback left the Bahamas to come and see me. Tebow has always been an awesome person.”

Definitely an awesome person, a great football player, and a true ally. We’ll call this one another touchdown for Tebow.