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Is Timothée Chalamet’s peach the sexiest scene in movie history? Science says…

The Oscar-winning classic queer film Call Me By Your Name has just earned another distinction: it’s officially considered the second hottest movie scene in cinema history.

Fan platform FandomSpot conducted a scientific survey using heart monitors to detect the level of arousal viewers had whilst watching some of the most notoriously sexy scenes in movie and TV history. An increased heart rate translates to increased arousal. The scenes contained a variety of characters with different ages, races, genders and sexual orientations.

“To keep results credible, all participating individuals were asked to watch all clips alone in a seated position, so no external elements could affect their heart rates and they were also asked to provide medical details so we were able to register their normal resting heart rate, in order to accurately monitor any irregular increases or decreases,” the site specifies.

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The most notorious scene in Call Me By Your Name–in which Timothée Chalamet pleasures himself with an apricot (commonly misidentified as a peach)–aroused a full 29% of viewers. In the grand scheme, it placed fourth on the top ten list, and was the second-highest rated movie scene behind Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore sculpting clay in Ghost.

Two television scenes topped out Mr. Chalamet’s peach as well: the bed-wrecking sex scene in Jessica Jones, and the grand finale sex scene of Normal People.

Call Me By Your Name also wasn’t the only queer-themed scene to land in the Top Ten. A shower sex scene between the characters Alex and Piper in Orange is the New Black landed at #5 on the list.

Have a look at the full Top Ten list below. Frankly, we’re wondering how the scene didn’t land the top spot…or, for that matter, how none of the sex scenes from Velvet Goldmine landed on the list, either.

1. Final sex scene in ‘Normal People’ – 38%
2. Pottery scene from ‘Ghost’ – 35%
3. The bed breaking scene from ‘Jessica Jones’ – 32%
4. Peach scene from ‘Call Me By Your Name’ – 29%
5. Alex and Piper first shower scene from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ – 27%
6. The post-fight rough sex scene in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’– 27%
7. Dr. Izzie asking Dr. Karev to take his pants off before hooking up in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – 25%
8. Jonathan Pine bearing his bottom while getting intimate with Jemima “Jed” Marshall in ‘The Night Manager’ – 25%
9. Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist in ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ – 23%
10. Noah and Allie undressing each other before getting intimate for the second time in ‘The Notebook’ – 20%