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Tiny Condoms For Tiny, 12-Year-Old Penises

Research shows that more men would wear condoms if they fit better. So the Swiss are doing something about it: manufacturing junior-sized rubbers for boys aged 12-to-14.

It’s called the “Hotshot,” and despite your concerns about condoms “encouraging” sex, we think somebody just stumbled on the appropriate way to market small-penis condoms without making consumers feel embarrassed about it. You might wear Magnums, but we wear Hotshots.

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  • Kevin

    Switzerland and Sweden are different countries. I’m disappointed that anyone anywhere doesn’t know this already.

  • Qjersey

    Altar boys are tops?

  • Joel Payne

    This is dumb, at 12 my cock was the same size it is now….

  • Henry Holland

    Hahahaha, I never would have had to have used them, I was hung like a stallion from the moment I went through puberty!

    [runs away in embarrassment]

  • Brandon H

    I know this is probably nessisary, but it is still kinda sad that 12 and 14 year olds need condoms.

    and Henry, you were hung like a horse at 12 and your embarrassed about it?

    FU you lucky bastard!

  • cumuluz


  • 1EqualityUSA

    After having showered, I feel as though I must apologize to anyone offended by my crude comment above. It demeans children and those of faith, undeserving of such a foul comment. I’m not proud of it. When my mind goes there, it usually has frustration as it’s root. When I write well is when I’m drawn by God. When I’m polite, I’m drawn by my parents. When I’m cruel, especially with words so valuable, that’s usually my mind at work. I’m not proud of it. It’s an abuse. It’s heinous. Embarrassment. I apologize for my mind this morning, my spirit. It wasn’t Fruit of the Spirit. It’s time to take a break from speaking out and work on my issues. I think I’m too angry. Anger can scrape the soul. It reflected in my post, above. We have a valid argument made no more valid by resorting to bad behavior. Our words can hurt our reputations, worse than the words of others. I proved this today.

  • Homer

    good news for altar boys

  • LatinCub

    I thought it was rather comical.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 8 1 EqualityUSA

    Thank you my friend for posting a follow up comment. It is so easy to make jokes about this story, and when I read your first quote, I was surprised. I love to rail against all those Catholic priest pedos and their hypocritical view of MY SEXUAL PREFERENCES, but never have I joked about the kids. Kudos for recognizing the difference.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    To those inclined to make snarky comments about other guys and small dicks, don’t be a dickwad.

    Power up all the old and tired jokes: “There are only two things I hate about gay sex. Size queens and small dicks.” Hahaha, well not really.

    I’m a bit larger than average; pleased my boyfriend likes it and I have had lots of fun with it over the years. And sure, I have had my fair share (or more) of admiring a large one and lucky enough to get to play with it.

    This story, though, is totally true. When living in LA, I enjoyed a somewhat regular attendance at Slammer, a local sex club (hey, open relationships). As a “happy to have fun slut” and pretty good looks, I did enjoy a lot of attention and fun. One visit, I was, literally, hanging in a public sling and having fun with a few guys. I noticed one guy who was spying me. My type is a guy who wants me to enjoy his cock as much as I want him to enjoy my ass. Well the spy also peaked my physical attractions: 35ish, 6′ 1″ or 2″, husky but a little soft. I hoped he was planning on joining in; alas he did not. After an hour+ of fun, I needed a break and climbed out of the sling. As I left the room, there was the spy, sizing me up.

    He approach, fondled my butt through my shorts, and asked if we could go off to a private room. Having had my public fun and reading his need for privacy, I agreed. We found an empty booth, hopped in, and started making out. Things progressed as they do; it was obvious he wanted to fuck me and that I loved getting fucked.

    It was when I got down to suck him hard that I learned the spy’s secret: he had suffered from undescended testicles. I had heard of this but never experienced it before. The spy’s dick was no bigger than one of my pinkies, 2 inches or so, perhaps 3/4 inch across and balls the size of raisins.

    I decided, with perhaps half a beat to figure this out, to go after him with a vengeance as though this wasn’t any different than other fuck. Hey, getting a guy off gives me more mental pleasure than the physical pleasure of taking dick. I read the fear on his face that this might be over; I also got to read the pleasure on his face that this was going to happen.

    He was rock hard and shot a first load in my mouth. I continued sucking him and he stayed rock hard. Five minutes or so later, the spy asked if he could fuck me. I told him thats why I kept sucking him so he could enjoy my ass. Sure there wasn’t much pleasure inside me, but, I love the feel of a husky guy on top of me plowing his way to pleasure. And that he did for at least 15 minutes before he had his second orgasm. The orgasm itself was pretty amazing as it took total control of him and all his physical powers. I was pulling off during all this and shot my load too.

    As we were recovering, he started crying. I felt like shit, somehow, unintentionally, I had humiliated him. It was terrible. “I am so so sorry if I hurt you. I really was having a fun time,” I told him.

    With tears running from his eyes, and trying to suck up the crying, he said, “Oh no no no. You were great. Its just that I have never been with someone who accepted me as I am. I didn’t know sex could be so good.”

    I have enjoyed sex with more than 2000 men including many encounters of “this was the best I had.” Never before, or since, have I experienced tears of joy.

  • unclemike

    “Dear Penthouse letters,

    I never thought the stories you published were true, until one night at The Slammer…”

  • Enron

    Psss, hey kid, pick me up a bunch of Hotshots and keep the change.

    Kid: No Pedo!

  • ChadSF

    Interesting, I think Jon Gosselin should check this one out, for real.

  • Nicholas

    @unclemike: I was minding my own business when this big tough guy came closer to me

  • malcominthemiddle

    A these also known as condo-miniuns!

  • fuku

    2 bad michael jackson is dead these might be small enough 2 fit him

  • Thomas

    I´m 12 years old. And my girlfriend like suck me. I don´t using this condom. Condom for what?

  • shrimpton "princess" johnson

    this is the classiest gay site on the web

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