Tom Daley Shares Sweaty Post-Workout Kiss With DLB, Gets Dressed For Wimbledon

tom-daley-wimbledonThings are going smoothly for gay power couple Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, obviously.

After living together for more than three months (an eternity for most gay men), the couple shared an impossibly adorable, sweaty post-workout kiss while walking through a parking garage after a gym sesh in LA last week. You know, normal people stuff!

We’re not sure if twink tease Tom purposely pulled his shorts down to reveal his underwear waistband for this cheeky shot, but we’re almost positive that Dustin Lance Black wore this “Prepare, Attack, Destroy” t-shirt on purpose.

Sources are reporting that the couple left their shared apartment in London this week to be in Los Angeles following the death of Black’s mother. Last month, they posed for more than a couple adorable shots on each other’s Instagrams:

Earlier this week, Tom invited his fans on YouTube into his and DLB’s bedroom to watch him get dressed for Wimbledon. He’s sitting in the royal box this week, a perfect spot to show off the pink and white loafers he chose: