Tom Daley Unwittingly Steals Spotlight From Equally Adept, Equally Speedoed Daniel Goodfellow

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Few things could quash the unimaginable high of winning your first-ever Olympic medal — but being meticulously cropped out of media coverage and inadvertently surrendering all the attention to your diving partner would certainly qualify as one of them.

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That’s the very odd plight facing Great Britain’s Daniel Goodfellow today — after winning a bronze medal alongside media favorite Tom Daley in the men’s synchronized 10m platform event on Monday evening.

Photo editors at The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express all-too eagerly clicked into the Tools section to effectively crop the handsome athlete out of the picture, while writers vaguely referred to Goodfellow as Daley’s “synchronized partner” as duly noted by The Media Blog and various flummoxed Twitterers:

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As The Guardian reports, the Times‘ sports editor blamed the oversight on tight deadlines and promised to rectify the misstep in later editions of the paper. But is it enough to satisfy Gabby?

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Then there’s mom. Goodfellow’s mother is far from pleased and has taken to Twitter to express her consternation: