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TrumpSingles aims to connect lonely bigots labeled as undesirable by the general population

The most recent Singles in America survey found that “voting for Trump” was the country’s #2 turn-off when it came to dating, second only to “complaining on Facebook.”

Well, never fear, Trumpers! There’s hope yet. TrumpSingles is a dating site exclusively for single people whose political beliefs have caused them to be labeled as undesirable by the general population.

“At we strive to make dating great again by offering a place where you can find single, like-minded people!” the website promises.

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The site, which allows users to search for same-sex or opposite-sex partners, emerged a few months ago, but it has just recently started gaining traction. It claims to have about 25,000 members, and that that number has only increased since Trump took office last month.

“You know, like a liberal doesn’t want to date a Nazi. And a republican doesn’t want to date, well, a whiny snowflake,” creator David Goss recently told NPR.

He added: “[Liberals] are just repeating this left echo chamber of ‘Oh, you must be a racist; oh, you must be a homophobe; oh, you must be a misogynist.’ They’re judging the people based on who they voted for without actually getting to know them.”

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Borrowing a page from Trump’s playbook, Goss says he does most of his marketing on Twitter, with popular posts such as these:

Look, dating, like presidenting, is hard, folks.

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  • Jack Meoff

    What fresh hell is this?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Damn – Trump voters sure do whine a lot! They’re the “snowflakes.” Or maybe just the flakes.

    • dwes09

      If you had a brain, you might have simply checked to see if the site is real.
      GOOD GOD, you people are too stupid for words!

  • Neonegro

    Oh yeah, and black, Asian, latino dating sites are connecting minorities deemed undesirable by the white population.

    • dwes09

      Another intellectually challanged alt-rightist! They are connecting minorities who desire to date within their ethnicity, just as there are sites for Christians and sites of Jews and sites for Muslims! Odds are you are simply projecting your distaste for non-whites.

      Stupid whiny snowflake! Learn to use your brain.

  • BigWill

    Hey, Fake biracial bisexual…I mean Mo: Looky looky! A dating site where you might finally score!

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