Twitter feed documents downtrodden Trump supporters’ regrets over voting for their guy

The latest Quinnipiac University poll found that 51% of Americans disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his transition to the White House; 37% approve. While not the least bit surprising, these are historically bad numbers for an incoming president. Like, the worst in modern history, maybe ever. And we’re pretty confident that we haven’t hit the bottom yet.

Respondents also reported highly unfavorable views of Donald J.’s personal traits, with 53% saying he is dishonest, 52% saying they don’t believe he cares about the average American, and 62% saying he is “not level-headed.” Ouch.

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But it gets worse. Because many of the people who are unhappy with how Trump is handling things are his very own supporters. A Twitter handle called @trumpbigregrets has been retweeting Trump voters’ grievances for the #PEEOTUS, which are equally hilarious and depressing. Sure, this seems to be a coordinated effort because they all say basically the same thing “I loved you but…”

Still, they are too good to ignore and reflect the reality of Elect’s sinking poll numbers.

Scroll down for a heavy dose of schadenfreude…

It looks like Hillary Clinton had it right way back in June 2016 when she said:

Here’s looking at a looooong four years ahead!