TV Couples Therapy: Analyzing Primetime’s Prime Pairings

“Glee” Brittany & Santana

Where we last left off: Glee’s scissor sister act are already on the rocks with Santana busy with her studies and cheerleading at college, which left Brittany feeling down and out. Having found a new friend in Troutymouth Sam, will Brittany also find a shoulder and perhaps some pillowy lips to lean on?

Diagnosis: Though Brittany is bisexual, she’s always loved Santana, even if only as a friend. That friendship is the basis of their relationship and would most likely endure should Sam pucker his way between them. Of course Santana would hop on a plane, smuggling a switch blade, and debone Troutymouth if he even tried anything, obvi. But what about evil new cheerleader Kitty? What team’s she playing on since we noticed her giving Brittany the side-eye during the “Hold It Against Me” number. For now, Santana needs to make more time for Brittany and Brittany needs to keep her head, and her pony, high.