TV Couples Therapy: Analyzing Primetime’s Prime Pairings


With the return of Emmy-hogger Modern Family—and same-sex sweethearts Cameron and Mitchell—tonight, we decided to take a look at five preeminent gay couples on the small screen. Below, we offer some armchair analysis on who’s in it for the long haul and who’s breaking up on the shores of love.



“Modern Family”Cam & Mitch

Where we last left off: Cam and Mitch got their hopes up over adopting a baby from a surrogate only to have their dreams dashed when the surrogate’s mother decided to raise the child instead. Coupled with that news, hot mama Gloria is now pregnant. With Lily already a handful, were Cam and Mitch really ready for another baby, or were they just trying to fill a void in their relationship? And will Gloria’s good fortune rub them the wrong way?

Diagnosis: As some of our readers pointed out, Cam and Mitchell’s relationship doesn’t always seem believable since they’re always fighting and not as overtly affectionate as the show’s other couples, Phil and Claire and Gloria and Jay. As America’s favorite comedy, showrunners tend to tread lightly when it comes to Cam and Mitch and their intimacy. Though their relationship – and its portrayal – are less than perfect, those kids were meant for each other; during last season’s finale when Mitch, tired of being the “rock” of the relationship, broke down, Cam was there to pick him back up. They’ll survive the storm. And besides, Lily would literally eat a sibling alive.

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  • Niall

    I forgot how hot Brandon Routh is, even if I’ll never forget that awful Superman movie

  • Cam

    Actually, if you’re going to be real about this, Mitchel and Cam’s relationship is abusive and about control.

    i.e. Mitchell secretly practices dancing so he can participate in a flash mob to show Cam that he is breaking out of his shell.

    Cam uses this as an excuse to throw a fit and turn what was supposed to be a surprise for him into something he can use to somehow put Mitchel at a disadvantage. Combine that with the fact that they are never affectionate and what you have is a roomate situation.

    So what Cam was there to “Support” Mitchel, any halfway decent friend would do the same.

    As for the show Partners, I have a hard time getting a good look at the couple because the laugh track is about 10 times louder than on any other show…perhaps to convince us that the jokes are funny.

    I have to give thumbs up to the couple on The New Normal though.

  • streeteditions

    Rom-coms, sitcoms, etc., bore me to tears. Does anyone remember DEGRASSI HIGH? And, yes, I’m pleased at the slight increase in the G presence, but what about the L,B,T,Q presence?
    And all these roles are pretty much middle class white folk? I don’t believe in tolerance, or turning the other cheek, so to speak. I’m here for equality! But you have to be able to afford cable to see HIT & MISS, or TRUE BLOOD.

  • Dumdum

    BORED NOW !!! I think I will just watch The Daily Show and documentaries until Dexter comes back.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Really, analyzing the fake lives of fictional characters? Really? Not sure if I should be crying or laughing.

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