Going deep

Twitter is shook by this insanely phallic, newly discovered sea creature. Frankly, so are we.

No, just kidding: The newly-discovered creature isn’t the much-heralded underwater sea elephant, he of the penile trunk and penile tusks.

But the truth is equally as strange.

Scientists have just released a series of photos of marine animals found in Australia’s eastern abyss, and it’s a pretty swingin’ scene down there.

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There’s “shortarse deelerfish.” Flesh-eating crustaceans. Zombie worms. Sea pigs. Lots of creatures that will give you nightmares. And one creature that will… awaken your desire. 

Perhaps that’s overstating it.

The so-called peanut worm (and why didn’t they just call it the “penis worm” instead of being coy?) is really the most phallic thing imaginable outside of actual penises:

Let it suffice to say, Twitter was all over this newly discovered sea creature: 

h/t: Mirror