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Twitter all twitterpated over the return of Steve Kornacki and his board

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As the nation moaned in collective nervousness over the outcome of the Georgia runoff election which will decide control of the Senate, one silver lining appeared to quell the anxiety of the masses: the return of MSNBC’s number crunch Steve Kornacki.

Kornacki became a somewhat ironic breakout star of the 2020 Election for his ongoing analysis of incoming voter returns. Dressed in his standard white button-down shirt and khaki pants, the bespectacled statistician–who always seems to have hair sticking up on the back of his head–pulled off a marathon of coverage which saw him on the air for 44 hours straight. The coverage netted Kornacki a dedicated following and sex symbol status. People named him one of its “Sexiest Men Alive.” Parent network NBC also promoted the openly-gay news personality to a new job as a football analyst on its sports programs.

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Steve Kornacki jumped back into action the night of January 5, vowing to stay on the air until the election in Georgia had been decided.

Twitter exploded with excitement at the news…

Steve, if you’re reading this, we love khaki and we’re single. You and your big board can slide into our DMs anytime.