Close call

Two super hot models rescue seven children from freezing cold pond in NYC

Seven children fell through the ice of an freezing cold pond in Central Park. Luckily, two models were nearby to help, NBC New York reports.

Bennett Jonas of California and Ethan Turnbull of Australia are models signed with Soul Artist Management. They were skateboarding near the pond on Monday evening when they saw the kids, who had been dancing on top of the ice, fall through.

“I look over, I saw six heads just trying to get to the shore,” Jonas says. “The back one was probably a good 20 yards from dry land.”

Jonas immediately jumped into action and began pulling the children out of the frigid water, handing them over to Turnbu, who made sure they were placed back on solid ground.

“The last two at the end, the kid at the end was unconscious,” Turmbull said. “[Jonas] got him out, he was kind of out of breath, and [Jonas] threw him to me. I just kind of minded him until he came to.”

EMS arrived to provide first aid and brought the children to local hospitals to be treated for minor injuries, mostly hypothermia-related. Divers then went into the water to make sure no one else was in the pond.

“I was in this park for a reason tonight,” Jonas says. “I could’ve been anywhere right now but I was 100 yards away from kids who are drowning.”

Hear both men recount the harrowing experience below…

@ethanturnbull and I tonight went out to Skateboard around Central Park. Passing a frozen lake we saw a group of 6 kids go though the ice. We ran over and immediately we're put in the toughest situation I think We will have to go through. 6 kids screaming for help being pulled down by each other, soaking backpacks and huge jackets. I had to make a decision to get in the middle of that or watch them drown. When I got about waist deep two of the kids jumped on top of me and pulled me under. I had to pick them both up and throw them to Ethan. I then grabbed a ladder and pulled the next 2 in. Behind them were two lifeless bodies that I knew I couldn't get too. I swam out and grabbed the last two guys and was able to get them to shore and keep them alive. I feel humbled and grateful that God called me to be there tonight, I'm still shaking and am completely shook by what I experienced, but I'm alive and so are 6 other kids who got very lucky tonight.

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