apocalypse later

Two very sexy reasons you should watch this underrated queer sci-fi comedy

Avan Jogia and Beau Mirchoff in their swimsuits in a jacuzzi in 'Now Apocalypse'
Image Credit: ‘Now Apocalypse,’ Starz

Back in 2019, indie film provocateur and prominent New Queer Cinema filmmaker Gregg Araki created his first ever TV series, Now Apocalypse.

Despite baring many of the director’s trademarks—queer exploration, hot and horny young people, apocalyptic anxieties—the colorful, sci-fi-twinged comedy never quite seemed to find its audience on Starz and was canceled after only one season, leaving things hanging with some frustrating loose ends.

While Now Apocalypse didn’t break through the way it should have back in 2019, it sure feels like folks are coming around to it now—at least, according to Gay Twitter™.

Recently, images from the series have been making the rounds on the app, prompting fans to sing its praises. The images in question? Why, they’re of stars Avan Jogia and Beau Mirchoff looking exceptionally hot:

Jogia leads the series as Ulysses Zane, an aimless queer twenty-something living in Los Angeles who finds himself falling down a rabbit hole of conspiracies after his hook-up (Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, in a sexy cameo role) mysteriously vanishes and he begins having visions about the end of the world involving reptilian aliens.

Meanwhile, Mirchoff—who most recently appeared on Hallmark’s Ride opposite our favorite gay cowboys—plays Ford, Ulysses’ straight bestie and roommate who desperately wants to be a successful actor. Throughout the season, he deals with both a girlfriend who presses for an open relationship and a predatory director who promises him stardom but winds up using Ford for his body.

No, Ulysses and Ford don’t hook up in the series, for what it’s worth. They do, however, share a pretty passionate kiss in an unforgettable fantasy scene, which should clue you into the kind of sexy, campy, fun approach Araki is bringing to the series.

(Trust us, you’ll want to click through to that tweet to see for yourself.)

So, what is it that’s bringing new eyeballs to Now Apocalypse a full four years after the finale aired?

Well, on one hand, we’ve seen an awful lot of LGBTQ+ focused shows get canceled of late, so perhaps the gays are looking for something queer, exciting, and new-to-them to binge? If that’s the case, Now Apocalypse sure fits the bill. It seems to be the same reason we’ve seen a renewed interest in HBO’s Looking in the past few months.

Plus, there’s the fact that Starz has never been quite as popular as fellow premium cable channel HBO, or even Showtime for that matter, so Now Apocalypse wasn’t necessarily widely available when it first aired. But now—thanks to a glut of streaming options—it can easily be watched via Amazon Prime Video, Spectrum TV, and The Roku Channel (or purchase directly through AppleTV and Vudu).

And there’s the simple fact that hot guys are timeless. This past week, Twitter users were showing their appreciation of Mirchoff in the series—which only prompted others to log on and sing the praises of Jogia (who, by the way, updated his pronouns to he/they late last year). In the end, we all win!

And, while we’re at it, we’d also like to call attention to Jacob Artist (Glee, Quantico) who appears in the series as Isaac, a potential romantic interest for Ulysses. The two look very good together, if we do say so ourselves.

In short, Gay Twitter™ is suddenly talking about Now Apocalypse again, so we’d like to take this opportunity to say: What’re you waiting for? Go watch Now Apocalypse… now!

And in case you need further encouragement, we’ll share a few more of our favorite photos from the series’ sexy stars below. Enjoy, and get to binging!