Tyler Posey’s sausage, Cristiano Ronaldo’s glow & Jack Laugher’s furry bedfellow

This week a Drag Race Canada judge quit Twitter amid controversy, Lohanthony found limelight as an ex-gay, born again Christian, and the gay version of WAP took the internet by storm. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Ashraf Ejjbair had fries.

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Let Me Cater 2 U – #taurus

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Alex Landi took a hike.

Bruno Duarte stayed hydrated.

Dylan Sprayberry worked from home.

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Nips out, scripts out…

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Jack Laugher woke up with a dog.

Taylor Bennett took to the beach.

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Working on Myself ?

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Michael Turchin painted a popsicle.

Dave Coast sunbathed with his plants.

Tyler Posey fried sausage.

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Frying sausage in the nude. I like to live dangerously

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Lil Nas X stretched out at the pool.

Carson Tueller stopped apologizing.

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I am no longer apologizing for being disabled. . “Do you know if there’s an accessible entrance here? Sorry!” . “Oh, I actually can’t get into the city to meet you because the subway isn’t accessible, sorry.” . “Have you checked to see if the restaurant has seating for wheelchair users? Sorry for the hassle!” . “Sorry, I can’t make it, I’m exhausted.” . “That seat you’re in is actually for disabled people and I need it, sorry!” . Even when I don’t use the word “sorry”, who I have been being is apologetic ANY time I have had to ask or require accommodations. . This is MASSIVE internalized ableism, and I didn’t get it from nowhere. . I have seen the eye rolls, I have seen the frustration at the need to provide access, and I have received the DMs from ableist people, telling me that accessibility is a privilege, not a right. . It’s no wonder disabled people so often feel like a burden: we are treated like one both explicitly and implicitly… . Which is why we disabled people have to stop apologizing. . Disabled bodies have needs. . Non-disabled bodies have needs. . Needs are needs, and just because my body works differently, or needs a ramp to get in, doesn’t indicate a “special” need. . My need for a ramp is no more “special” than another’s need for a staircase. Disabled people are just use to categorizing their needs as being “extra”. This is ableism. And it’s also bullshit. . So, I won’t reinforce the idea that my needs aren’t valid, which is why I won’t apologize when asking for what I need in order to thrive in this world. My disabled loves, join me in unapologetically claiming our place in this world. We belong, too. . #disabilityjustice #disability #gay #instagay #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtq? #queer #paralyzed #disabled #paralyzed #disabilitysolidarity

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Andy Cohen soaked.

Ricky Martin graced the cover of Out.

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#OUT IS #OUT @outmagazine

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Andrés Camilo manscaped.

Eddie Rabon went down river.

Tommy Bracco checked his vibe.

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Haha you know the vibes ?

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Dyllón Burnside stayed silent.

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Barrett Pall meditated.

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#meditation > medication What if we started to believe we could internally reprogram our bodies through deep meditation, mind work, and feeling emotions with the intentions of the future? The past few years I’ve gotten into quantum physics, which looks to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. There is still so much we cannot explain through science alone, which is beautiful and exciting. It means there is still so much left to discover, uncover, and learn. Now more than ever the world is in a shift. We are experiencing a global change. We have been gifted an opportunity to look deeper into how we operate, and ultimately, how everything functions. For too long we’ve been told many things can’t happen. The truth is, the more we believe that, the more true it becomes. Whether you believe something can or can’t happen is completely up to you. As I continue my own journey into myself and the world, I’ve met many people who have done incredible things. You too are capable of incredible things – YOU just have to fully and deeply believe this to be true. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something. Stop using the words: trying, wishing, and hoping. Trying is a comparison word. You are either doing something or you are not. Wishing only makes wishes. Hoping only makes hope. Start manifesting, meditating, reflecting, and putting small actions into place so that one day you can fly because you told yourself you could, not because everyone else told you you couldn’t. From my heart’s intelligence to yours. #gratitude #lifecoach #thirdeye #evolve #love

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Cristiano Ronaldo glistened.

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Felling good ???

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Seth G found flowers.

Matt Dallas had a beer.

Johnny Sibilly enjoyed the clouds.

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Bruno Alcantara turned the beach into a runway.

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Antony Tran stayed in Palm Springs.

Terry Miller flexed.

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And AJ Bediako cooked in the sun.

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