Drag Race Canada judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has exited Twitter following a hailstorm of harassment by fans of the series.

Viewers of Drag Race Canada have voiced their unrestrained criticism of Bowyer-Chapman’s judging style since the show premiered in July. A fan petition to have Bowyer-Chapman fired from his position has gathered more than 2,000 signatures. Bowyer-Chapman has invited criticism over several comments he made to contestants on the show, including once comment perceived as body-shaming to queen Illona Verley.

“I think that your mug is painted so gorgeously. However, when I see that booty and the little turnaround, a little full coverage foundation may have helped you out,” Jeffrey told her.

Drag Race UK star Crystal has come to Bowyer-Chapman’s defense, pushing back against audience criticism.

“So the black queer judge on Canada’s Drag Race gets bullied off twitter. Ya’ll happy?” Crystal tweeted. “The main arguments I’ve seen are accusations of “inauthenticity” (as if YOU know what’s authentic for him), and bad critiques (but none of the other judges are getting that half as hard). It’s a pile on. And it’s racist. And for what? Clout? Bet you would have loved a good old fashioned public stoning.”

Other fans of the show have rebutted the Twitter criticism of Bowyer-Chapman, calling out toxicity among the Drag Race audience.

The #DragRace fandom continues to be on track to battle Star Wars fans as the worst. The treatment of #CanadasDragRace judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is disgusting, but sadly it doesn’t shock me that the group of racist white teens to hate him…,” tweeted fan EJ Moreno.

“I truly wonder if the people who DESPISE Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and send him daily threats have ever watched American Drag Race before. Like… his judging isn’t that different? Have you even listened to half the shit Michelle Visage says? I’m confused by this outrage?” said Twitter user @msjessbeaulieu. “The guy isn’t my favourite but jesus christ he is not a monster by any means. His job is to give critiques. Is he sometimes off? Yes. But so are tons of other judges including Rupaul. But people are acting like what JBC is saying is a criminal act. I don’t get it.”

“i for one don’t think jeffrey boyer chapman is being harsh enough – i’ve been more ruthless greeting friends at brunch. grow up,” added user @aidan_oloughlin.

At the time of this writing, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has not commented publicly on his decision to leave Twitter. He becomes the second major figure in the Drag Race franchise to delete his Twitter account after RuPaul himself.

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