UFC Champ Rashad Evans: There’s “No Justifiable Reason” For Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

Rashad EvansI’ve never been a homophobe, never understood what that is all about. I knew some people who were gay and never cared about their sexuality. But at the same time, I didn’t fully understand the issues around gay people until my friend [Brendon Ayanbadejo] started telling me about his full public support for gay marriage. We talked about the issue and I decided its not enough to not be against a minority, if you want things to go better for them you have to speak up with them.

I’m a UFC fighter, a macho-type sport. I am a heterosexual guy in a tough macho sport, which is exactly the reason I feel a duty to say I support gay marriage and gay rights.

I have nothing to gain personally from supporting this issue, and that’s the point. Society as a whole is better when there is equality, and I want to live in a country where everyone has the same rights because we all benefit from that.

What people overlook is that is isn’t a sex issue, its a love issue. There’s no justifiable reason for trying to get in the way of two people who love each other.

I have kids. I don’t want them growing up in a society where they, or their friends, could be second class citizens based on which person they fall in love with or who they want to be happy with.”

UFC Fighter and ESPN commentator “Suga” Rashad Evans, explaining his support for same-sex marriage, in Outsports. Evans signed a brief to the Supreme Court supporting marriage equality that was started by NFL players Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo. 

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  • Shadeaux

    He has always been my favorite UFC fighter!

  • LadyL

    I am now a Rashad Evans fan. Awesome, awesome man!!

  • Daniel-Reader

    Very cool.

  • Ken

    A man in my church said he was against gay marriage. (I’m the pastor.) I told him that if he wasn’t one of the people who is getting married, and he wasn’t performing the ceremony, it’s none of his business. The whole discussion is improper, and the people who claim to be the Approval Authorities of the Universe are just plain narcissists. No one’s ability to marry should be impaired by other people’s inability to mind their own business.

  • niles

    I may have to start watching UFC.

  • 2eo

    Someone who is completely safe and secure in their humanity. Absolute thumbs up from me, well said.

  • Charles175

    @Ken: Tell them if they are against gay marriage then don’t marry one. Lavender marriages are shams.

  • Charles175

    See? Its not the genuinely straight people that are worried about us gaining equality, its the ones that CLAIM to be 100% straight and yet are not. Real straight men are almost NEVER insecure like those pathetic wannabe’s. Its great to have REAL men like this and Brendon Ayanbadejo on our side. They see through the garbage, myths and BS always said about us by those either directly or indirectly related to the “Religious Right”.

  • Hansolo

    The narrative that black males are more homophobic has to end. Every culture and race has serious homophobia….but thank you “Suga” for your support homie. We need as many as we can get.

  • Jaroslaw

    Thank you Mr. Evans for seeing the very obvious. If I rephrase the same idea in a different way and I’ve been saying this for TOO LONG: Opponents of SSM or those who are trying to ‘save’ “traditional marriage” are totally in the dark. Gay people are here and live together the straight majority just doesn’t know it. So all they really accomplish by denying us SSM is to deny us the benefits that WE HELP PAY FOR. I wish I could say this personally to every straight person who opposes SSM and make them justify why they feel this is okay. Because It isn’t.

  • jar

    Well done, sir.

  • huggy rainbow

    Thank you, I don’t understand why more people can not think like you dude…big ups and two thumbs way up for you and your family!!!

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