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Vacationing gay couple beaten and jeered at by mob in Corsica

via Tetu

A French gay couple vacationing on the French island of Corsica suffered broken noses, bruises, and blood loss after a breathtaking attack by a homophobic mob.

The French publication Têtu reports that the two men–identified as Mickaël and Benoît–had visited a club on July 15. While on the dance floor, a group of teenagers approached the couple.

“A group of young teenagers aged 15 to 20 laughed at us and insulted us as queers,” Mickaël recalled. One of the men then showed him “a picture of someone pissing on a rainbow flag. I stayed very calm and told him that I am gay myself. At that moment he takes out his cross and tells me that it ‘is against nature.'”

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Rattled, the couple exited the club for some fresh air. One of the teenagers followed, and continued to insult the men, calling them “queers.” Then things turned violent.

“That’s when things went nuts,” Mickaël said. “I had five punches before I got stuck between two cars with 10 guys on me. Luckily I didn’t pass out; who knows what might have happened…would I still be alive?”

Eventually, about 20 men began to take part in the beating. A crowd of about 60 villagers gathered nearby, all watching the attack as if it was some kind of sports event. The crowd seemed to encourage the violence, shouting “queers” at the two men.

“They brought out the popcorn,” Benoît said.

Fortunately, police arrived and broke up the attack. An ambulance rushed Mickaël and Benoît to a nearby hospital where doctors treated them for broken noses, bruises, and bleeding. Both men also received eight days of temporary work interruption (ITT) to recover. Meanwhile, investigators have opened an inquiry into the attack.

The attack in Corsica is just one of a recent worldwide rash of attacks on gay men. Outcry continues in Spain following the murder of 24-year-old nursing assistant Samuel Luiz Muñiz. Also in Spain, a British tourist suffered a broken jaw in a homophobic attack last week. Back in the United States, police in Atlanta arrested three adults in connection with a viral video showing abuse of a child with the word “gay” carved into his head. Police in Atlanta also have opened an investigation into a brutal attack on a gay man which left him hospitalized with brain damage. Last week also saw an altercation in Palm Springs which left a gay man hospitalized.