Vandal Fails Miserably At Writing Homophobic Slur On Gay Couple’s Car


Aaron and Nik McFarland live in Ogden, Utah. They were married on October 31, 2014. Just days after Donald Trump was elected, they went out to their car and found it had been vandalized by some poor fool who doesn’t know how to spell.

“FAGET” was spray in red paint across the side of the couple’s car, along with the words “HOMO DIE” and “FAG.”

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Both men say they have no idea who targeted them and that they were immediately overwhelmed with feelings of “shock, fear, hurt and disgust.” Those feelings quickly subsided, however, after their story went viral on social media.

“It’s really been unbelievable,” Aaron told his local press. “The things people have done for us, it’s showed us that the good people far outweigh the bad ones.”

The couple say they received an outpouring of support from all over the world, including offers to pay for the car to be repainted, extending invitations to stay in their homes, and an endless stream of supportive messages and well wishes.

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“(Supporters have) been people from around the Ogden area, around the state, around the country,” Aaron said. “We even had someone from Australia reach out to us. And it’s been people from both sides of the political aisle, which I think is important to note.”

One person even created a GoFundMe page for the McFarlands, but the couple says they would rather people donate money to local LGBTQ advocate organizations like Equality Utah or the Utah Pride Center.

“We feel like there’s a lot of people out there who need the help more than we do,” Aaron said. “We have a great support system. We’re going to be OK.”

As of now, Ogden Police Lt. Kevin Cottrell say there no suspects in the case.

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