We continue our So Gay! feature with a list of some of the bad guys we faced this year. Most of the people who ended up on our list of Villains for 2005 turned out to be people directly responsible for our rights; politicians. And we found out at least one of them was secretly playing for our team!

5. James West. The Republican mayor of Spokane repeatedly voted against gay rights while in the Washington State Legislature. This year he suffered through a very public outing and a sex scandal that eventually brought him to his knees (pun intended). What’s that saying about Karma?

4. Stephen Bennett.
A “former” fag, Bennett has “converted” and is now completely “hetero.” He and his “wife,” Irene, take to the airwaves every day and bitch about the homosexual agenda. ‘nuff said.

george bush.jpg

3. George W. Bush. What can we say about the man that hasn’t been said a million times before? Our own leader continues to fight for what he refers to as “traditional marriage.” Bush recently helped raise half a million bucks for Republican Marilyn “every day is a bad hair day” Musgrave the very woman who authored the failed gay marriage ban amendment. We just pray that one of the twins turns out to be a dyke.

2. Lech Kaczynski. Believe it or not, Poland elected a more homophobic leader this year than our own Dubya. Kaczynski’s very vocal homophobia and his recent banning of pride marches are pissing off the rest of the European Union. Oh, and he has a twin brother (also a politician) who hates The Gays just as much.

Who was biggest baddie of 2005? Find out after the jump.


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger. We thought calling Arnie “The Governator” was witty the first time we heard it. We’re hoping someone comes up with something much more clever next year. He has 35 years worth of comical movie titles to choose from. But The Gays’s biggest gripe with Arnie this year was his veto of the California bill that would have allowed for same-sex marriage in that state. His selection of a dyke as his Chief of Staff was a sort of olive branch to the gay community, but that won’t repair the damage he’s already done. And for our sake, Arnie, please refrain from making any Terminator jokes yourself.

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