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Violet Chachki gives ‘13 Reasons Why’ star Tommy Dorfman their first drag makeover

13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman got their waist cinched, their eyebrows pasted, and their face beat for the gods in their very first drag makeover — a “fashion alien” look facilitated by none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Violet Chachki.

“You thought drag was fun? You were wrong,” Violet tells Tommy in the above video from them. “Pain is beauty if you want to slay. Try to smash your d*ck down.”

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Violet and Tommy actually go way back, having attended rival high schools in Atlanta and connected over MySpace. (Or was it Facebook? They can’t remember.)

As Violet works her magic on Tommy, the pals chat about their careers so far, their plans for the future, and their experiences with gender identity. (Tommy has identified themselves as nonbinary, whereas Violet says she’s genderfluid. “It can change at any given moment,” she explains.)

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And Tommy can’t even see Violet’s handiwork until the grand reveal — and it’s hardly a spoiler to say the RPDR Season 7 winner knocks it out of the park. Check out the video about to watch the magic transpire.

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