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“13 Reasons Why” actor Tommy Dorfman stuns fans with revealing Instagram share

Actor Tommy Dorfman knows how to get attention. The 13 Reasons Why star, who plays Ryan Shaver in Netflix’s hit series, has a surefire formula for getting all the eyes to goggle and ogle: A.) Take your clothes off; B.) Snap a photo; C.) Share that photo to Instagram.

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Putting that theory to the test, Dorfman recently posted an image captured while shooting snaps for a V Magazine spread. Featuring the actor standing by a window looking hazy and cherubic, the caption reads:

 “I was, in fact, naked in front of a window on Mercer street thanks to V Magazine.”

Seeing is believing: 

As of this writing, the photo has earned the actor 45,817 likes.

The formula is clearly a winning one.

Here are some more shares from Dorfman that didn’t cause quite as many ripples, but we’re totally digging them:

gayman islands w my boo @sweetpetenyc ?????

A post shared by TOMMY DORFMAN (@tommy.dorfman) on

still not over this shirt @palomospain

A post shared by TOMMY DORFMAN (@tommy.dorfman) on


A post shared by TOMMY DORFMAN (@tommy.dorfman) on

loved chatting w @i_d

A post shared by TOMMY DORFMAN (@tommy.dorfman) on

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  • Hillers

    So in love with that sexy, tall drink of water. ? Hope he gets more screen time in season 2!

  • Bradsman

    He’s gorgeous. Why not document that state while it’s still here?

    • Herman75

      Yes He’s lovely.

  • ChrisK

    When does he plan on transitioning to a she?

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Why not try to transition into being a decent human being 1st CK?

    • Donston

      Chris. Some of the times I’m feeling and other times, come on dude.

      Just because you’re fem or you indulge women’s clothes sometimes doesn’t mean you’re interested in being a woman.

    • man5996853

      Something tells me that, even if he did transition, she’d still be more of a man than you’ll ever be.

  • mhoffman953

    This man has no ass. Also, what’s up with the baby doll dresses? 4/10 would not bang

  • Prax07

    Yes…not a fan of the twink in dress pics, or of him in general as a “hot” guy, but whatever…

  • Donston

    I definitely like me a cute fem-boy and I don’t mind a little cross-dressing here and there (hence, once again, why I identify as a “homo-dominant queer”). However, I’m not turned on by dudes in full-on drag.

    The guy is cute (if not particularly special). Pretty but just boy-ish enough to pull off any look.


      “homo-dominant QUEER”

      It’s mutating!


      >I don’t mind a little cross-dressing here and there (hence, once again, why I identify as a “homo-dominant queer”).

      Are you implying that male bisexuality entails sexual interest in androgyny/genderqueer? (Pansexuals are having an existential crisis at your cruel erasure) I know of many bisexual men who are only interested in strictly demarcated gender binaries, and who find genderqueer, C/D, and trans* incredibly creepy (from a libido pov). That said there does seem to be some overlap between bis and crossdressers, AGP trans, S&M and weird shit like chastity cages. Just another reason why there’ll never be a bi community — the one thing that ostensibly unites them finds them instead much more sexually disparate, fragmented and isolated than the gay community.

    • Donston

      Yeah, I’ve already explained that I’m not interested in feeling apart of the “bi-community”. My orientation is greatly gay-leaning and I fully embrace that. I have some attraction and arousal for different genders and different types of people sometimes (which is where the ever popular “fluid” identity comes from). But ultimately, my substantial and sustained attractions, arousal, passions and romantic satisfactions are only with cis gender men, whether they’re masculine or fem or androgynous… or even “bros”. And no, I’m into all that “freaky sh*t”.

      And I’m not implying that all bisexuals into non-binary genders or androgynous people. Don’t see how you could have gotten that from that post, especially when I was specifically speaking of queerness. And there guys who have zero attraction to women but are into very effeminate or even androgynous men.


      >And there guys who have zero attraction to women but are into very effeminate or even androgynous men.

      This, like contemplating Infinity, defeat my cognitive abilities so utterly that I have to take it on trust

  • Prax07

    @Donston Doesn’t it though? Why else would a man, who wants men, dress as a female? Tited of these kids “expressing” themselves as women when they’re men. There’s no point to it other than for shock value or because they want to be women. If a Man I was dating or having sex with decided to go and wear women’s clothing or wear makeup then that’s it, iver him. I want a man, not a woman.

    • Donston

      Well, that’s the difference between you and me. The guy I dated before my husband wore women’s clothes here and there, not full-on but a skirt or a blouse sometimes, and it wasn’t even particularly effeminate. And I had no issue with it. In fact, sometimes I enjoyed the “change up”.

      It doesn’t equate to wanting to be a woman. It does hint that you have some feminine instincts that you want to express, and wearing women’s clothes sometimes helps you express it or that you perhaps have some level of gender dis-morphia but are not trans. It can also just be about fetish and also can be about, yes, narcissism and attention-getting. But it does not equate to wanting to be a woman. All women who dress “manly” sometimes want to be men?

    • mhoffman953


      “The guy I dated…wore women’s clothes…not full-on but a skirt…it wasn’t even particularly effeminate”

      >Wears a skirt
      >Not effeminate

      Pick one

  • Mr-DJ

    Thanks for the article. So many reasons NOT to watch.

  • Corey

    I hate that as a community we have to beat the shit out of each other with words.

    • Herman75

      So true. As Trump says…………Sad. Except I mean it.

  • Maleko

    The female clothing isn’t part of gay culture in my book; it tends towards trans it seems to me. He’s an attractive, very young, man that is just trying to be provocative, in which is succeeds. But I suggest that is the least-best use of what he has to offer as an actor or maybe as a person. He is entitled to his own ‘public presentation’ but he should understand that the presentation he is showing is not interesting to the vast majority of gay men. He could greatly widen his appeal by changing his presentation in public. Up to him, of course.

  • Herman75

    13 Reasons Why is a great show. Tommy Dorfman is part of a great ensemble. He’s good.
    He an wear whatever da fuq he wants to. Or nothing at all. It’s a lovely picture.

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