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Was Darren Dockett Vain, Homophobic, Or Just Honest When He Said ‘No Men Allowed’ At Webcam Shower Session?

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett took a live webcam shower to win a $1,000 bet with an unnamed person. Ok! When tweeting about it, Dockett said his shower would be “NO MEN ALLOWED” which is silly because there’s no better way to get a gay man to look at your penis than to tell him not to look at it.

From the looks of it, some men probably watched Dockett’s UStream video of the $1,000 shower but it didn’t really matter because Dockett didn’t show his dong anyway (tease). But if he showers around guys all the time and wasn’t planning on showing us his wee-wee anyway, why bother saying “NO MEN ALLOWED?” Is it that he thinks himself so hot that gay men couldn’t possibly resist a chance to watch him shower or is it that he’s simply uncomfortable having gay admirers?

I wouldn’t want women watching me take an erotic bet shower, but that doesn’t make me a misogynist or a lesbian-phobe. It just means that I’d prefer men to watch. Dockett would prefer women. Big surprise. Mentioning it on his Twitter seems more like a dumb joke and a way to avoid getting called a fag in the locker room, but it hardly seems homophobic.

Outsports observed that “if Dockett was 100% comfortable with his sexuality and his body, he would have welcomed all gawkers.” And while that’s true, we can’t imagine his bettor paid him the $1,000 to hide his penis behind a blue washcloth. I wouldn’t have. When I pay you $1K for a shower, you best show the goods, y’hear?