WATCH: AFER’s Major New Marriage Announcement Of Plan To Win Full Federal Equality

Were you wondering what’s next for AFER, following their victory in California over Prop 8? Well, wonder no more: today they announced a new plan to win full federal equality with a lawsuit in Virginia.

We’ll skip all the “is for lovers” jokes for now and focus on a few facts: this is much of the same leadership that shepherded the Prop 8 case (Ted Olson and David Boies are back!) and essentially the same argument: marriage bans are unconstitutional.

The goal here isn’t litigating our way to equality one state at a time — that’s why they filed the case in federal court. Just as in California, the intention is to win a federal ruling that’ll undo all marriage bans, everywhere in the U.S., all at once.

One potential difference between this case and the Prop 8 case: Virginia’s courts can be a whole lot faster. It took five years to overturn Prop 8, but we may have a resolution in Virginia awfully soon. Stay tuned.