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WATCH: America’s gender revolution seen at the local scale in new documentary

A new documentary called Kings, Queens & In-Betweens focuses on the drag kings, drag queens and transgender performers in Columbus, Ohio as a lens to view a wider gender revolution that’s gaining momentum in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

So often, we resist ideas that are outside our realm of personal experience. That’s why films like this one are so valuable.

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By focusing in on one small community, the documentary makes a complex subject approachable for mainstream audiences — inviting viewers into a conversation about the distinct and important differences between gender, sex, and sexuality.

Check out the trailer below, and look for it in select cities beginning March 3, and on streaming services (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) on March 7:

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  • mhoffman953

    The so-called “gender revolution” in this country will not benefit anyone. This will spiral into a plethora of fringe issues. Science dictates someone’s gender. Someone’s personal feelings do not change their gender. If we agree with these people that they can be born in the wrong body, where does it end?

    We already have people like Rachel Dolezal claiming she was born the wrong race and identifies as black because she’s trans-racial, we have Stefonknee Wolscht who is a 52 year old man but identifies as a 6 year old girl and claims to be trans-age, and there already is a fringe group of people who identify as trans-disabled who cut off their limbs because they think they were born in the wrong body and want to be disabled. At what point do we draw the line at normalizing this behavior and stop it from influencing society as well as government?

    People are free to do whatever they like with their bodies or their lifestyles, but when they begin using fringe groups to influence society, law making, and public opinion, it can be a problem. For instance, many transgender advocates believe they should be allowed to sue their employer or school if someone refers to them as the wrong pronoun. Somehow they think we’re supposed to know if that person goes by he, she, xe, xhe, xer, they, or them and if we get it wrong, they feel they should be allowed to sue (which could create problems with people who are gender fluid meaning their gender changes on a regular basis). Similarly, they want taxpayers to pay for the drugs and medical costs of gender reassignment which could result in a bill of over $100,000 per person and this is already happening.

    We should have an open dialogue on this issue based on actual unbiased scientific information before we begin normalizing it. Many transgender people claim they’re born in the wrong body or born as the wrong gender and their advocates will agree. What does that do to someone’s self-esteem or body image when someone tells them they were born wrong? These people seem to hate their bodies as seen in the image in this article of the woman taping down her breasts as if she has to hide them. Similarly if someone had poor body image related to their weight and was bulimic, one wouldn’t advocate this behavior and state that it’s healthy. Transgender people are 10x more likely to commit suicide versus the general population. Many transgender people are still suicidal after surgery and require a lifetime of hormones, anti-depressants, and other drugs (something big pharma will never complain about) to just live this lifestyle. We should be further investigating the causes and proper treatments for depression, anxiety, and mental disorders instead.

    • Jimjams

      A lot of the time the ones that are still suicidal after surgery are mocked and bullied and belittled because they had surgery. My husband has a lot of depression and anxiety over his body. He is over weight and trans and I help him through every step. He feels gross at times because of his weight and his body parts. I love him and it hurts me so much so see him so down. I cheer him up eventually though. Sometimes my words and snuggles work and sometimes I just need to leave him be. He was really suicidal before we got together but he has moved past that. I knew him because he transitioned. I was friends with him for 4 years before we got together and we have been together for 4 years. I got with him 3 months after he started hormones. My family still does not accept our relationship because of their religious views but I don’t care what they think. I was scared at first and we didn’t admit our feelings for the longest time because he thought I would not accept him because he was still “female” and I was worried of what my family would think but I got the courage to confess. I love has triumphed over hate.

    • Jimjams

      All from the looks of it that is not a girl in that pic it is a man.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    Funny how my comments seem to disappear from here so often. Again there is no gender revolution. There is a tiny group with a fetish that are very loud.

  • ErikO

    People who are Trans, claim to be “gender queer”, drag queens/kings, etc. are an extreme minority and are not revolutionary at all.

    • mhoffman953

      Agreed. I personally think these people are just mentally ill and suffer from various forms of depression and anxiety. I’m not even sure why they are clumped into the LGB movement. It’s making us look like a mockery when it’s now becoming some type of alphabet soup group called LGBTAIQP+^3(silent X)YZ¥

  • ErikO

    They also have nothing in common with bisexual people yet Trans people try to piggy back onto our rights and claim that Trans issues are the same as bisexual people’s issues, rights, etc.

  • ErikO

    Trans people have also shown themselves to be extremely homophobic and biphobic and get mad when we LGB people get rights that we have fought for decades for such as same sex marriage and ending Don’t ask don’t tell, and spew homophobic and biphobic BS about us.

  • rmarin776

    Ugh. What is wrong with the commenters here? Don’t you all realize that these hateful arguments were the same ones used in the past about the gay community? Why are you so threatened?

    • mhoffman953

      I’m certainly not threatened. Science shows that you cannot be born the “wrong” gender, just as someone cannot be born the wrong species, wrong color, wrong age, wrong whatever. I’m stating that there is some underlying issue at play here that should be fully investigated, there are even recent growing studies and reports that there may be some link in some cases to autism.

      These people should get what is best for them to thrive in their natural self. No one is saying that men can’t be feminine or women can’t be masculine, but to think that there is something biologically wrong with who you are stems from mental thought or a chemical imbalance. Everyone should be proud of how they were born and we should never tell people they were born wrong, that is hateful. Advocating for proper solutions is not hateful as it opens up the discussion.

      You seem to not want an open discussion as you’ve stated that there is something ‘wrong’ with the other commenters thoughts.

    • DMRX

      @mhoffman: “Science shows that you cannot be born the “wrong” gender”
      Seriously?! Actually, science PROVES the exact opposite.
      Mr. Scientist: How do you explain people who are born with both with both male and female genetalia? I suppose the fetus was just depressed, had anxiety, or is autistic (based on your previous comments)?
      What a moron.

    • mhoffman953

      @DMRX You are talking about someone who is a hermaphrodite and born with both sex organs. That is a medical condition.

      I could pose the same question to you in regards to a trans person. For example, how do you explain a woman who is born with female genitals but identifies as a male? She has female chromosomes, but tells society she’s male.

      I’m talking about transgender people who feel they were born in the wrong body. That would mean men who were born men but think something is wrong with them and they should be a female and want to have their male genitals removed.

      What reputable scientific study are you referencing that says people can be born the wrong gender?

  • Jimjams

    All of these comments are so sick they make me want to vomit. My husband is trans and bi. My big brother I just found out today is trans female to male. I knew him as big sister but now that I know I am happy to have a big brother. There is nothing wrong with my husband or my brother. These comments coming from the LGB part of the community make me sick like I actually feel ill from reading them.

    • ErikO

      Sounds like you need your safe space, blanket, and a cookie.

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