WATCH: Barney Frank Sounds Off On Log Cabin Endorsement Of Romney

Of course Barney Frank would have something to say after the Log Cabin Republicans finally decided to swallow whatever pride they had left and endorse Mitt Romney. Frank and the Mitt Gets Worse campaign threw this video together in which the Congressman does not, as uusal, mince words:

“I can understand people saying, ‘Well, you know, gay rights is not important to me. I’m generally conservative when it comes to other issues so I’m going to support Romney.’ I don’t agree with those values, but it’s logical. It makes no sense, however, to argue as some in the Log Cabin do that they will be advancing LGBT rights by voting or supporting Romney. We have never in American history had a sharper distinction between a very supportive candidate and platform and one that’s very, very opposed. And I’m particularly appalled, frankly, by the Log Cabin’s arguments. I read Mr. Cooper’s statement – ‘Paul Ryan is willing to engage with us.’ That’s the kind of submissiveness that maybe was necessary 30 years ago. He’s willing to ‘engage with us.’ The fact that he’s willing to talk to you and explain to you why they’re opposed to every effort you make to get equal rights is crazy.”

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  • 2eo

    They should be ashamed of themselves, but dignity is something they have long since sold, and integrity is a fairytale in the eyes of LCR and Go-Proud.

    The sad fact is these people hate themselves enough to want to rob everyone happy of the right to be treat like a human being. The sad fact is these people don’t represent anyone apart from a few people posting under different accounts here and other places who aren’t even part of the community.

    BJ and Avenger in particular.

  • John Doe

    @2eo: So, you’re saying that the lawsuit against DADT was a waste of time and that you’d prefer that we still had DADT? You DO realize don’t you that if it weren’t for that lawsuit that DADT never would have been passed at the 11 o’clock hour. Not to mention that certain LGBT organizations were against this lawsuit going forward in the first place. Talk about pie in the face.

    I don’t pretend to agree with their endorsement. I’d never vote for Romney. But, I’m also not ignorant or naive enough to know that there are many issues to voting for President. Obama has run this country in the ground and if a RESPECTABLE alternative to Obama was there…. I’d vote for him/her EVEN IF they were not supportive of LGBT rights. At this point marriage equality won’t mean anything if the USA goes completely broke and falls into a depression. Not to mention that LGBT rights will likely be decided by the courts and not by the next President.

    p.s. Obama doesn’t support full equality. He still wants marriage equality to be decided by the states. Coward. Civil rights are NOT a state-by-state issue. Civil rights are a national issue.

  • alexoloughlin

    @John Doe: Obama has run this country into the ground? Who do you think brought that about 8 years ago, in fact it goes back 30 years to Reagan’s trickle down economic policies. Bush started two wards and the GOP never told the American how it would be paid for which put this country into the biggest deficit in it’s economic history. The republicans had NO Intention of paying for both wars yet they claimed lowering taxes on the wealthiest would create jobs bringing in tax revenues. So where are those jobs. Obama had a plan to create millions of jobs for infrastructure that this country badly needs. The GOP filibustered it, in fact filibustered virtually every bill that would have helped working people and the unemployed. There have been more tax cuts under the current administration than before. Romney paid no more than 14% on his taxes, you and I pay 35%.

    Romney wanted GM to declare bankruptcy and file chapter 11. What he didn’t say was that GM would have had to then file chapter 7, something that none of them talk about. Chapter 7 means liquidation, jobs gone, pensions gone, health insurance gone for thousands of workers. GM has paid back the government stimulus package, is hiring thousands more people and turning a profit, selling cars in this country and overseas.

    Romney’s recipe whatever those 5 points do not explain the cuts he is proposing. Why won’t he talk about them? You can bet one of them is lower taxes for the wealthy.

    Don’t forget, before Bush left office, the country was on the brink of the worst recession since 1929. Obama brought us back from the abyss, no thanks to republican failed policies. Nobody complained about that when he was still in office, least of all Mitt Romney Paul Ryan or Karl Rove.

    Obama may not have a stellar record on equal marriage prior to his support, but he’s a damn lot better than any republican in the White House. Gary Johnson, the libertarian, will NEVER be president either.

  • Cam

    @John Doe:

    said. ”
    So, you’re saying that the lawsuit against DADT was a waste of time and that you’d prefer that we still had DADT? ”

    Nice try, but please don’t think that people here don’t actually remember history. THAT lawsuit was filed under the OLD leadership of PAtrick Guarino. You know, the leadership that REFUSED to endorse Bush because of the anti-gay campaign he was running.

    If TODAY’s Log cabin was so supportive of ending DADT then please explain to me why Log cabin endorsed the non-gay friendly opponent of Rep Patrick Murphy, the Iraq War Vet who INTRODUCED the DADT repeal into the house.

    And lastly, if you’re still trying to pretend that this is the same Log Cabin that origionally filed that case against DADT years ago…please remind me which cases they have filed under the current leadership…anything against DOMA? For ENDA? anything? Nope.

    So nice try.

  • Aidan8

    I have to agree with Barney here… it’s one thing to endorse or support the GOP/Romney because you agree with his policy positions/platform. It’s another to pretend that the GOP and Romney are supportive of LGBT civil rights. They’re not. The Dems aren’t perfect either but their record (and Obama’s record) on LGBT issues is certainly better and the prospect of a SCOTUS further pushed to the right by a “President Romney” is horrifying. LCR and GOPrude and other apologists turn a blind eye to what they don’t want to see/admit.

  • Fitz

    The GOP proud members think that their identity as someone-with-funds is more important than their identity as gay-person. And to them, that might be true. But it isn’t true for the Republican party as issue after issue has shown. They are willing to be the tolerated clown at the royal feast– which would be sorta ok, except that they are also willing to watch less wealthy gays get destroyed in every way. The GOP Proud people are awful human beings. At best, they deserved to be shunned.

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