WATCH: Barney Frank Sounds Off On Log Cabin Endorsement Of Romney

Of course Barney Frank would have something to say after the Log Cabin Republicans finally decided to swallow whatever pride they had left and endorse Mitt Romney. Frank and the Mitt Gets Worse campaign threw this video together in which the Congressman does not, as uusal, mince words:

“I can understand people saying, ‘Well, you know, gay rights is not important to me. I’m generally conservative when it comes to other issues so I’m going to support Romney.’ I don’t agree with those values, but it’s logical. It makes no sense, however, to argue as some in the Log Cabin do that they will be advancing LGBT rights by voting or supporting Romney. We have never in American history had a sharper distinction between a very supportive candidate and platform and one that’s very, very opposed. And I’m particularly appalled, frankly, by the Log Cabin’s arguments. I read Mr. Cooper’s statement – ‘Paul Ryan is willing to engage with us.’ That’s the kind of submissiveness that maybe was necessary 30 years ago. He’s willing to ‘engage with us.’ The fact that he’s willing to talk to you and explain to you why they’re opposed to every effort you make to get equal rights is crazy.”

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