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  • Spike

    What exactly was the twist? Gays and lesbians have been marrying for years in China, having children while staying loyal to their gay partner. Its fucked up but the Asians have this thing about bloodline and carrying on the family name, as if there is ever going to be a shortage of Chings, Changs and Wongs, ever in China, but if the gays choose family tradition over their right to a same sex spouse, so be it.

  • yaoming

    More like a surprise middle.

  • cangai06

    @Spike: I can’t believe this, It’s not about blood line, with one child policy who doesn’t want a grand children. There might be the only chance. And like you are related to all the people with your last name. Do you all get together for thanksgiving. If your last name is gates, do you get to share bill’s fortune? Like your parents’ don’t care about the family legacy. Maybe because americans are so self involved. They just don’t have the same family values as we do. Hurts isn’t it?

  • ChiChi Man

    @Spike: In case you missed the memo, they own your country so maybe you should learn more about the Chinese before posting such drivel.

  • Kangol

    A cute PSA. I hope the next one shows the son and Ming together, and the female friend and her female partner together. But good for Mama and all three of them!

  • Merv

    The twist is that the son is older than the mother. Didn’t anyone else find the casting problematic?

  • LAman

    @Merv: Haha, I totally agree with you. That always bothers me when a see a movie or something like that. But besides the casting, I thought it was really cute, and I’m happy to see an ad like this from China.

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