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WATCH: Drag queen knocks out rude man who snatched her wig

OK, we don’t condone violence, but this felt worthy of sharing…

video a drag queen knocking out a guy on the street after he rips off her wig was recently uploaded to Ebaumsworld.com and received nearly 75,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The queen is Dublin-based performer Heirless Blackstone, and she clearly means business.

Two Irish media websites wrote about the incident over the weekend. Oddly, both of the articles have since disappeared. Spooky.

Blackstone’s Twitter page, which has 146 followers, makes no reference to the wig snatch, other than this vague tweet posted on Saturday:

Of course, without context, it’s unclear what Heiress is actually talking about.

Some are saying the video is a publicity stunt. We’d argue that, if this was a publicity stunt, Blackstone really hasn’t done a very good job at promoting it.

Either way, it’s a warning that all should heed — especially if you tend to get sloshed in gay bars.

See the full video HERE.

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  • DCguy

    He wasn’t a “Rude Man” He was a bigot who verbally assaulted her and put his hands on her.

    Why is the author trying to minimize that?

    • BriBri

      Did it hurt when he yanked your wig off?

    • Rex Huskey

      There you go again….dont you get tired of yourself? This is a fake.

    • Brian

      The pearls have been clutched.

    • DCguy

      Awwww, how adorable, the same screenames (Mo Bro’s alternate screenames) Who hyperventilated and screamed out that Trump and Melanie were being viciously bullied when people commentd on their marriage or said Trump was fat, are here trying to claim that somebody getting assaulted on the street is nothing.

      Because once again, you’re proving you aren’t “Conservative Gays”, you’re just anti-lgbt trolls that are on here to attack the community and defend bigotry at any opportunity.

    • JungleBoi

      BriBri, did it hurt when they yanked your nuts out of their sack, baby?

  • Terrycloth

    Epic Fail ! They guy pulls of wig stands there…quiet a few seconds go by before “she ” punches him..with a punch like that he would be flat on his back a foot away not lying on his side on the ground so no one can see his face.. hence no blood from the punch in the nose… ..attention seeker…

    • alanballs

      you COULD BE wrong. It’s plausible that’s a real assault, and a real right punch in the face.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    Imma go with fake. I don’t think the guy is close enough to hit with a bent arm.

    • Rex Huskey

      it is fake….

    • alanballs

      You’re guessing. It COULD BE real.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    first of all, she should learn how to securely attach her wig. second, if anybody thinks a drag queen can’t deck a guy never worked with some of the queens did.

  • Bob LaBlah

    It seems like only yesterday when I posted the video showing how violent drag queens can be at Pride parades and other venues once irritated or drunk. I’m tempted to post it again for nostalgic reasons but I think for now I’ll let it rest.

  • girldownunder

    Isn’t this a bit silly?? I mean, really?

    I know that the community is well & truly tired of the ignorant antics of the ignorant-bigots out there, but do we have to stoop so low as them?

    • DCguy

      Oh look, a posting saying that defending yourself when a bigot has committed battery on you is “Stooping to their level”.

      That’s exactly what the right wing bigots want. LGBTs back in the closet and afraid to defend themselves.

    • JungleBoi

      No, it isn’t. Keep your hands to yourself. PERIOD.

  • baggins435

    Any fool knows you’re safer harassing a gym queen than a drag queen.

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