WATCH: ‘Drag Race’ Star Katya’s Craigslist Hookup With Aussie Tweaker Ended In Disaster


People still use Craigslist to hook up? That’s news to us.

But after hearing about Katya’s night in Australia, those who still do may never want to again.

As the Drag Race season 7 standout and All Stars season 2 fan favorite tells it, “We were headed to Australia right after the season 7 finale, so I go onto Craigslist, and I cast my, um, lure, and I [reel one in].”

“So I had this guy over, I was in drag…We proceed to have hours and hours of actually wonderfully fulfilling physically and emotionally, like, explorative sex. He was cool with me being sort of in between genders, which I totally am even though I look exactly like a woman. He’s a little bit twitchy, he’s a little bit awkward, but I can’t tell because of the cultural difference. He was into drugs, he was an underground lifestyle kind of guy. He wasn’t totally Joanne the Scammer…I don’t even remember what his name was honestly.”

“Later in the night when I decide to take a shower, he goes through my bag and takes all my merch money, which is about $2500.”


Luckily Katya has pretty great perspective on the whole incident. And hey, she’s turned it into one hell of a story.

Watch her tall it below:

h/t OMG