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  • conrad charleston

    I’m not sure how this is sitting in Finnish culture, but does anyone else find it a little under developed? Like they spend so much time on the sensuality of the sex that the message gets lost at the end? I would rather see an advertisement that challenges the premise that safe sex can’t be sensual and romantic. You can have all the lead up and spontaneity WITH a condom — it’s just a matter of changing the paradigm. This, for me, just reaffirms how condoms are perceived as “losing” the moment.

  • hyhybt

    I’m still wondering why, when I tried using Facebook’s Check In at home, it said something like “50 people have been here.” When did that happen?

  • theodore

    As a Finn I can elaborate on the topic a little bit; they’ve also put up some print ads with the same premise and a man’s/woman’s genitals covered with a check in box. Interestingly they also have a few prints out with a guy whose ass is covered by the said box, stating how many men have previously “checked in”. Actually they have those ads out in the army base I’m doing my military service in, right on the walls of the military hospital. Think it’s a nice touch :)

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