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WATCH: Gay 30-something BFFs face a break-up in this hilarious and heartfelt indie

Chrissy Judy is a tale of friendship that should hit close to home for many: A pair of besties have spent so much time together that they’re practically co-dependent. But what happens when life and love get in the way?

In this case, the BFFs are—you guessed it—Chrissy and Judy, two thirty-something gay New Yorkers who moonlight as a successful (yet under-appreciated, by their account) drag cabaret duo.

Writer/director Todd Flaherty plays Judy, the duo’s requisite “messy Judy” who always manages to get tangled up in drama. Thankfully, there’s Chrissy (Wyatt Fenner), his ride-or-die who’s there whenever Judy needs a laugh or a shoulder to cry on.

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But when Chrissy finds love and announces he’ll be moving to Philadelphia with his new partner, Judy unravels, plumbing new depths of his messiness. While the film presents Judy as the kind of stereotypically “chaotic friend” we all know and love, it uses this breaking point as an opportunity to dig into the archetype, presenting a thoughtful portrait of the type of character who is frequently heard but seldom seen for who they really are.

Filmed in timeless black-and-white, Chrissy Judy is a hilarious, heartfelt, and uniquely queer examination of platonic partnership. It’s received raves out of film festivals, heralding Flaherty as an emerging filmmaker to watch, along with effusive praise for his nuanced performance as well as Fenner’s.

Chrissy Judy continues its festival run this weekend with an international debut at the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Next month, the feature heads to Atlanta, GA’s 35th Annual Out On Film, as well as Newfest, NYC’s premier LGBTQ+ fest.

While further release details are yet to be announced, you can check out the gorgeous trailer for Chrissy Judy below.

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