WATCH: Gay Man Films Confrontation With Homophobic Bigot

In a video posted to YouTube in March but that’s just now going viral, a homophobic man casually calls a gay man “faggot” as he walks past his house. This gay man turns the tables, or rather his cell phone camera on the bigot and follows him down the street to get an answer for the verbal attack. This bigot tries to play it off, saying “It happens all the time.” Um, not on our street!

Perhaps some enterprising ad execs at Apple will see this as a new marketing campaign for iPhone.

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  • avesraggiana

    Well done.

  • 2eo

    Name and address already known.

  • Polaro

    Actually, he assaulted him when he called him faggot if he did so in a threatening way. It was battery when he put his hands on him.

  • Scribe38

    First blacks, then women, and now gays, are there no groups of people that white str8 men can abuse anymore and get away with it? Somewhere in Washington D.C. most of the house members of the GOP are crying.

  • tardis

    Wow, what a fascinating video. Confronting a hater and trying to understand why and uploading it onto something that reaches so many people.


  • Cam


    Why do you think that they are now back to all the women’s health issues and immigration. Gays became too difficult for the right wingers to continually attack and they seem to have forgotten what happened the last time they enraged women with laws like these.

  • Little-Kiwi

    more of this, please. expose the hate.

  • Shadeaux

    PLEASE.., that guy’s more Queen than Elizabeth. He should never call anyone the “F” word.

  • Polaro

    @Shadeaux: I thought that too.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Cowardly traipsing. Really fun to watch this guy get schwing-butt all the way down the street. Does anyone know him?

  • stanhope

    Well I’d say is kudos to the guy who filmed this. I’d also say that the offender was lucky to run into him and not me. That boy is walking like Zsa Zsa Gabor and calling somebody “faggot?” As a transexual friend of mine is fond of saying..”today’s trade, tomorrow’s competition.”

  • balehead

    Actually the gay guy sounds like a stalker…..a typical gay man scorned and the other is just pissed off from the harassment!!…

  • enfilmigult

    @balehead: Gee, harassing total strangers on the street will piss them off? You don’t say. I guess this guy should turn the tables and confront his harasser so he can learn what he did was wrong…oh wait.

  • mpwaite

    KUDOS.. to the gay man.. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO JUST TAKE THE BULLYING… Why can’t we follow and taunt those idiots who would dare bully us???!! And his hair??? REALLY???!!! what a douche!

  • Spike

    @mpwaite: Wow, really, seriously? A random stranger on the street calls you a name and that is now ‘BULLYING’. After everything that has gone down, at the end of the day we as a community is going going to have that thin of skin? Oh and wow, the video went viral on Youtube, big deal, next week a dog licking it’s balls will go viral.

  • the other Greg

    Just last month Queerty reported about the gay guy who was shot to death on West 8th St. in the busiest part of the West Village. Has everyone posting here forgotten that already? This is inadvisable.

    You never know when some psycho has a gun. It’s nice that this fat, apparent closet case with funny hair did NOT have a gun, apparently in Queens (?) from the look of the video, I’m glad it worked out well but… you never know.

  • Dixie Rect

    That homophobic bigot sure does know how to sashay away, doesn’t she?

  • BigWoody

    @Spike: Imagine, if you can, that this greaser had called a black man the ‘N’ word as he was walking along the street where the black man lived. Should the black man have thicker skin, record and expose the bigot/bully, or beat the crap out of him?

    Some LGBT people feel similar hurt and anger when verbally abused with the word [email protected]@*T. Some queer folk even flash back to remember the last time they were called the ‘F’ word while they were being BULLIED in school or while being physically attacked.

    The ‘N’ and ‘F’ words are both examples of verbal sewage used to demean minorities, to sow hatred, to elicit fear and to cause harm. Both words are sometimes a verbal attack followed by a hate crime when the attacker feels the victim is afraid to stand up against the BULLYING language.

    I have only had the opportunity to be called a [email protected]@*t twice. The first time was as I walked to a gay bar by a carload of punks. I confirmed that in fact I was a [email protected]@*t as I walked quickly toward their car. They immediately drove away at a high rate of speed. The second time I was in my car and was blocked after I left a bar by a carload of four guys. Three guys jumped out and physically attacked a slightly built young man who had walked out of the gay bar. I was able to get him into my car and the BULLIES came towards my car, as they used their anti-gay slurs. I yelled that I had their license plate number and I lurched the car forward as I threatened to hit them and ram their car. I wanted them to come forward so badly so I could run over one of them and leave an identifying crater as I broadsided their car.

  • Damich

    Wow good for him… SHAMING is a powerful too…all of those that seek virtual immediate justice I urge to use it regularly and wisely…Smartphones are excellent against road way bullies too…I know. Lol

  • Derek Williams

    What a fantastic thing to do – standing up to this weak individual showed courage and strength. Take him on. Fantastic it’s going viral too. Everyone knows who he is now.

  • Saralikesyarr


    Right on!

    Good for him!

    That’s like something I would do, but my Love would probably chastise me for it!

    I love it when people are confrontational like that!

    That person will think twice before calling someone that again!


  • Tackle

    I’m glad he confronted him, recorded and posted it. Now I bet that “closet case” will think twice about calling someone else a fag.

  • Dakotahgeo

    The greaser being videoed looks like a really bad decomposed Elvis Presley lookalike. Did anything ever happen to this sorry excuse for a human?

  • mattsy

    looks like the pot calling the kettle black (pleather)!!!
    now sashay away!!!

  • Kangol

    Great that he didn’t just take the homophobic slur. Call that closet-case creep out!

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